Meridian School is one of the premier ICSE institutions in the area that offers a world class education option in the following courses.

The school holds three term tests and continuous evaluations during the course of an academic year. Monthly assessments and two summative examinations are held for the pupils of the Pre-primary-section during the course of an academic year. Pupils of STDs. I to IV will have continuous assessments and two summative examinations.

Absence from tests may exclude the pupil from prizes and other awards. Pupils who are absent owing to illness will not be examined on their return. A doctor’s certificate will have to be submitted to the School.

Willful breach of any of the regulations or the conduct of the examinations is punishable with the cancellation of the paper or in serious cases, student’s expulsion from the school.

Pupils should empty their desks one day before the examination commences.

Silence must be maintained in the hall and classrooms throughout the duration of the examination.

Regular School timings must be followed on examination days unless a special notice states otherwise.

Pupils absent for a part of the examination day will be marked absent for the entire day. The Pupil will be given zero for all examinations held on that day.

Pupils are strictly forbidden to borrow instruments from their neighbours on examination days.